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I’m a high tech specialist, webmaster interested in developing online marketing businesses, a healthy lifestyle, travel, photography, wildlife and the environment.

The images on this site are small size versions of my copyright pictures and can be copied as long as a link is included back to my website. Also all visitors to this site should know that they leave a foot print that can be traced for purposes of locating copied images.

Visit my personal blog site  for more details about me and to read my posts. Also take the time to visit my other and travel and local information sites.

This site was formally started October 10 2012 and will be updated with additional information and pictures as time permits.

Note to hackers: Don’t waste your time trying to hack my sites. They are protected with fire walls and the passwords are encrypted.  You have a better chance of winning the lotto than gaining access.  Also all the IP addresses that you are using are automatically blocked.  Have a nice day.