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Note to Hackers

In response to those who are actively involved in ongoing negative hacking and spamming activities. I think that it’s fair to warn you that your attempts are futile, irresponsible and juvenile.

I have no illusions about the fact that we’re currently living in an age of global cyber warfare.  However, for hackers, spammers to be successful, they rely on the naivety of their intended victims.

I get the impression that those who are “let us say from countries who feel  that this is a legitimate way of getting back on the other bully’s of the world who are taking unfair advantage of the rest of us”.

We know who the major bully is, just as we know where the major hackers and spammers of the world are located.  I understand about your feelings of inadequacy and your need to exploit others in order to promote your own feelings of self worth.

Unfortunately for you, some of us are easily able block your feeble attempts. So my advise to you is don’t waste your time on my sites.  You may end up finding out in an unpleasant way what happens to people who victimize others.

Just saying, you never know who may be out there about to “turn the tables on you”?

Have a nice day!

Update: It seems that at least one of you is getting more than a little frustrated over your lack of success. Did you ever stop to think that the internet is a two way street and that you will eventually reap what you so?